Top Cities To Raise a Family in Arizona

A recent report/survey by the Arizona Daily Independent listed the best and worst cities in Arizona to raise a family.

semper find my home best cities to live in AZThe top three cities to raise a family were Gilbert, Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. With Arizona’s economy expected to grow faster than any other city in the entire nation and our population expected to grow which will make us the fourth largest city in the U.S. by 2020, this spells good news.

Some more interesting statistics were:

Best vs. Worst

  • Fountain Hills has the most playgrounds per 100,000 residents, 8.58, which is 10 times more than in Phoenix, the city with the fewest at 0.86.
  • Buckeye has the fewest violent crimes per 1,000 residents, 0.45, which is 14.6 times fewer than in Tucson, the city with the most at 6.55.
  • Paradise Valley has the highest median annual family income (adjusted for cost of living), $103,502, which is 3.1 times higher than in San Luis, the city with the lowest at $33,272.
  • Paradise Valley has the lowest separation and divorce rate, 10.24 percent, which is 3.8 times lower than in Douglas, the city with the highest at 39.26 percent.
  • Anthem has the lowest share of families living below the poverty line, 2.20 percent, which is 13.7 times lower than in Somerton, the city with the highest at 30.20 percent.

Best/Worst Cities for Raising a Family

   1 Gilbert
2 Scottsdale
3 Paradise Valley
4 Chandler
5 Sahuarita
6 Anthem
7 Oro Valley
8 Peoria
9 Queen Creek
10 Marana
56 New Kingman-Butler, AZ
57 Chino Valley, AZ
58 Nogales, AZ
59 Somerton, AZ
60 San Luis, AZ
61 Tucson, AZ
62 Coolidge, AZ
63 Camp Verde, AZ
64 Douglas, AZ
65 Eloy, AZ

So for those newcomers moving here, this report is a great tool that can assist you when you’re deciding to buy, rent or sell your home and here at Semper Find My Home are glad to assist you in any way possible.

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