Why Arizona Will Never Observe Daylight Savings Time

This coming Sunday morning, most of the nation will “spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time and will lose an hour of sleep. Hawaii and Arizona are the only two states that will not.

daylight savings time semper find my homeFor all of us here in Arizona it means we will no longer be on MST but rather the same time as all the states west of us and we’ll be three hours behind the East Coast instead of the two that we are now.

Most people don’t know the origins of DST though. It began in 1918 and was known as “war time” in order to save fuel during WWI.

It was re-instated for WWII and was permanently brought back by the Uniform time Act of 1966. Arizona partook in it for one summer, and quickly withdrew from it because it meant having more sunlight in the evening, which meant more air conditioning and more energy being used along with more water usage, a valuable commodity in this part of the country.

In 1967 the State legislators, almost unanimously, voted to opt out of DST. Another cool tidbit of information is that the Navajo Indian Nation in the northeast quarter of the state does observe DST. So Arizonans, this Sunday, sit back, relax and don’t touch that clock.

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Three Phoenix Cities Make top 10 List For Jobs in 2017. Scottsdale #1

Once again three Arizona cities have made it as the 10 best cities in 2017 for jobs. Tempe made #9 on the list, while Chandler came it at #7 and our very own Scottsdale topped the list at #1 from all cities across the US

semper-find-my-home-top-employment-cites-2017The list was compiled by WalletHub and compared 150 of the most populated US cities and utilized 23 key indicators of job-market strength. They used a variety of sources to compile their date, US Census Bureau, FBI, US Department of HUD, Council for Community and Economic Research and the Center for Neighborhood Technology to name a few.

Metrics used for job opportunities were Employment Growth and Employment Outlook compared to the Unemployment Rate. At Semper Find My Home we’ve been seeing an uptick in home purchases and consumer confidence in the housing market seems to be returning.

These three great cities have been hot for home sales as have a lot of other across the Phoenix Valley. While interest rates have increased there are still awesome deals to be had and a ton of programs from lenders.

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The Beauty of Arizona a Video and Short Story of Why Living In Arizona Is Unprecedented

Did you know that Arizona has more National Monuments than any other state in the entire country, 18 to be exact, next comes New Mexico with 12 followed by California with 10?  Pretty Amazing right!

There are so many unbelievable opportunities in Arizona for people to see and visit some incredible landmarks and be amazed by how close they are to the largest city in Arizona, Phoenix.

Check out this beautiful video of what makes Arizona a great place to live, visit and why it is projected to be the #1 Real Estate market in the US for 2017

Since moving to Arizona, Alex Popovic, the founder, and owner of Semper Find My Home has helped veterans and first responders all over the state with their Real Estate needs, whether it be buying or selling or even renting a home, townhome, condo or even purchasing land.

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