Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Restaurants Voted #2 In The Nation As Best To Eat At

A recent study and survey conducted by Reward Expert has listed the top 5 airports with the best restaurants, chosen from the top 20 most trafficked airports in the US. They further reviewed a whopping 75,000 restaurants and gathered menu and pricing options to determine the best airport in terms of overall restaurant quality, variety, as well as the top airports for different dining categories.  Phoenix Sky Harbor came in at #2

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport came in at number 2.   Not bad for the nations fifth largest city, actually, it’s awesome. Sky Harbor in my humble opinion is one of the easiest airports to navigate and most efficient too. Denver came in at #1 by the way.

But back to Phoenix, the restaurants had almost 5,500 reviews that were tallied; Chelsea’s Kitchen a place I frequent often is one the gems listed. However, here are a few more unbelievable fine-dining places now in the airport. How Phoenix didn’t come in at #1 is beyond us.

Honestly, I leave early prior to flying out to sit at these fine dining experiences and eat some food, grab a drink and get some much-needed work done. Congratulations Phoenix for investing in the future of our town and making visitors want to come back because of places like these.

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