Phoenix Officially Becomes 5th Largest City in the U.S.

For years Phoenix has been known for many things, great food, attracting Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, outdoor activities such as golf and hiking to name a few.

Phoenix was ranked just behind Philidelphia as the 6th largest city.  But as of last Thursday, the U.S. Census Bureau officially named Phoenix the U.S’s 5th largest city with a total population of 1,615,017.

Phoenix 5th largest city

Phoenix is also the quickest growing city in the entire country and it’s little wonder why we are adding an average of 88 people a day.  As if this wasn’t enough, Maricopa County is the largest growing County in the U.S. as well.

Mayor Greg Stanton told AZ Central “It’s a positive thing, people are voting with their feet and coming to Phoenix,”

Overall, New York has the highest population among all cities in the U.S. with 8,537,673. Los Angeles is second (3,976,322), Chicago is third (2,704,958) and Houston is fourth (2,303,482).

Phoenix beat Philly (1,567,872) by less than 100,000 people.

For Real Estate, this means our current inventory will remain low for at least the next 2 years, which means median home prices will be going up in value and Time on Market will stay low as prospective homeowners compete over properties being sold.

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Top Things To Do In Phoenix And Local Real Estate

According to Expedia there are almost 119 top things to do in Phoenix and here are but a few of them.

#1Self-Peddled Party-Bike Tour of Old Town Scottsdale.

#2 Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride. 

#3 Premier Golf Package at Phoenix-Scottsdale Golf Courses.

#4 Sedona, Jerome & Montezuma Castle Tour.

#5 Stand Up Paddle Board Rental in Tempe Town Lake or Lake Pleasant 

Personally, at Semper Find My Home, we’re all pretty impartial to Down Town Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Biltmore, and Scottsdale areas.

The real estate market in these neighborhoods varies by price, however, they are well worth the investment and provide easy access to many of the above amenities.

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Alex Popovic Lists One Of Phoenix’s Most Luxurious Penthouses

Check out the listing that Alex Popovic has overlooking Tempe Town Lake, right in the heart of Phoenix/Tempe.  This Penthouse, one of three owned by one client has spectacular views, unprecedented concierge and amenities that are some of the finest in the valley.

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Three Phoenix Cities Make top 10 List For Jobs in 2017. Scottsdale #1

Once again three Arizona cities have made it as the 10 best cities in 2017 for jobs. Tempe made #9 on the list, while Chandler came it at #7 and our very own Scottsdale topped the list at #1 from all cities across the US

semper-find-my-home-top-employment-cites-2017The list was compiled by WalletHub and compared 150 of the most populated US cities and utilized 23 key indicators of job-market strength. They used a variety of sources to compile their date, US Census Bureau, FBI, US Department of HUD, Council for Community and Economic Research and the Center for Neighborhood Technology to name a few.

Metrics used for job opportunities were Employment Growth and Employment Outlook compared to the Unemployment Rate. At Semper Find My Home we’ve been seeing an uptick in home purchases and consumer confidence in the housing market seems to be returning.

These three great cities have been hot for home sales as have a lot of other across the Phoenix Valley. While interest rates have increased there are still awesome deals to be had and a ton of programs from lenders.

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The Beauty of Arizona a Video and Short Story of Why Living In Arizona Is Unprecedented

Did you know that Arizona has more National Monuments than any other state in the entire country, 18 to be exact, next comes New Mexico with 12 followed by California with 10?  Pretty Amazing right!

There are so many unbelievable opportunities in Arizona for people to see and visit some incredible landmarks and be amazed by how close they are to the largest city in Arizona, Phoenix.

Check out this beautiful video of what makes Arizona a great place to live, visit and why it is projected to be the #1 Real Estate market in the US for 2017

Since moving to Arizona, Alex Popovic, the founder, and owner of Semper Find My Home has helped veterans and first responders all over the state with their Real Estate needs, whether it be buying or selling or even renting a home, townhome, condo or even purchasing land.

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FHA Cuts Mortgage Insurance Premium, Good News to Home Buyers


For many homebuyers looking to buy a home, the last several years has been a mixture of both blessings and curses. On the one hand, interest rates have been at an all time low, yet on the other, the newly enacted Dodd-Frank lending practices have made lending money far more stringent. Yesterday though, the FHA cut mortgage insurance premiums for the first time since 2015 and this is good news.

The FHA announced it was cutting their annual mortgage insurance from .85 percent to .60 percent. What does that mean for the average buyer? It is a key step in helping low, moderate and first time homebuyers get into homes.

Recently, though, the high cost of mortgage insurance has put home ownership out of reach to many. While FHA mortgages represent a low down payment option for buyers, the additional insurance requirements priced many young and first-time homebuyers out of the market.

It really becomes a simple question of math. Every time mortgage insurance rates are cut means the borrower meets the debt-to-income ratios or (DTI) required by Dodd-Frank laws.

The FHA and Department of Housing and Urban Development took an important step in making home ownership the American dream again. The FHA is being asked by many in the real estate industry to next eliminate “life of loan” mortgage insurance.

This means borrowers are required to maintain mortgage insurance on an FHA-insured property regardless of their equity position, while borrowers with traditional mortgage insurance can typically extinguish their mortgage insurance once they reach 20 percent equity in the property.

Here in the greater Phoenix area, a market that’s been named #1 in the nation for homeownership in 2017, this is great news and a program we will be utilizing for our buyers and borrowers moving forward.

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Phoenix VA gets 6th Director in last 2.5 years.

I recently wrote a blog on my other site that discusses the newly appointed VA director of the Phoenix VA hospital.  RimaAnn Nelson was the former director of the St. Louis VA facility that was mired in scandal after scandal.  It is a travesty that she’s been allowed to keep her job much less run a facility that cares for over 85,000 veterans.

va-home-loan-semper-find-my-homeIt is a travesty that she’s been allowed to keep her job much less run a facility that cares for over 85,000 veterans.  Veterans here in Phoenix, and the surrounding areas, such as Scottsdale, Peoria, Mesa, Buckeye, Glendale and pretty much the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area, rely on the Phoneix VA for a variety of reasons.

At Semper Find My Home, we work with veterans at the VA facility here in Phoenix, by helping them with all their real estate needs and by educating them about their benefits and how to maximize their usage.  The VA loan is the best loan by far out there and every vet needs to utilize it for all their real estate transactions.

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